The Guild of Storytellers

Inspired as a guild of craftsmen, we are a private group of niche jewellers and passionate artisans inspired by a common love for high quality gems and unique jewellery design. Our craft is to create exquisite jewellery pieces that tell and remember unique stories.

Our vision is to be the ‘Cambridge’ of Luxury Bespoke Jewellery.

We seek to retain precious memories of our clientele with customised designs from scratch, to co-produce meaningful jewellery, as a modern heirloom.

Founded by Mr. Kai Joo Jason HO, while studying postgraduate in the University of Cambridge (England) in 2014.

Why We are Special

Our Unique Propositions:

Access to the best natural diamonds available. We use only the top 1% of diamonds available. These are GIA certified Natural Diamonds (grade “D”, “Flawless” with “Excellent” cut).

Customised jewellery that reflects your story through our international guild of designers.

Handcrafted by skilled and experienced goldsmiths that each have a minimum of 10-15 years of experience.

Recent International Events

Recent Awards and Accolades

01 Dec 2014
Maxima cum Laude, with very great honour!
Showcased in University of Cambridge (England, UK)
10th anniversary of CfEL (Judge) One of the 18 selected enterprises worldwide: the only Singaporean, only Chinese, only Jeweller

19 Mar 2015
Interviewed by University of Cambridge (England, UK)
– as a student venture founded in Cambridge, by Katharine Price, Media Relation Manager, who wrote ‘Jewellery startup offers diamonds of a different cut’

24 Apr 2015
Featured in University of Cambridge, Insights (England, UK)
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24 Apr 2015
Featured in DISQUS, (California, USA)
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30 Apr 2015
Featured in Cambridge Network, Cambridge News (England, UK)
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15 May 2015
Invited to First Step Consulting, a social enterprise for bona fide SMEs in Europe (England, UK) Founder/CEO as Mentor to consultants; postgraduate students from Imperial, UCL, LSE and King's College

19 Jun 2015 
Invited to NEBO Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015 at NUS Business School (Singapore) Founder/CEO, as Mentor and Judge – an annual nationwide event

23 Jun 2015 
Interviewed by The Business Times (BT) Newspapers (Singapore) By Jacquelyn Cheok, BT Journalist who wrote; Personal Stories can live forever – in a diamond

13 Jul 2015
Featured in the Top Stories section (page 2), The Business Times Newspapers (Singapore)
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14 Jul 2015
Featured in Luxury Business News, AsiaOne, Asia's Leading News Portal (Singapore)
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14 Jul 2015
Featured in Top Stories, Hobii, a Norwegian News Discovery Portal (Bergen, Norway)
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14 Jul 2015
Featured in University of Cambridge, Insights (England, UK)
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08 Aug 2015
Invited to the Ideas Inc. 2015 Business Challenge, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Founder/CEO, as Speaker and Judge for Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre (NTU), Enterprise Incubator

13 Aug 2015
Invited to the FedEx/Junior Achievement Asia Pacific International Trade Challenge (Singapore) Founder/CEO, as a Distinguished Judge for to 27 teams from 9 countries